Mathew Charnay M&M is West Africa’s largest metals & mining cooperatives, owned by a single company 

& the world’s   most  innovative sustainable mining group.

The Business
produces Gold, Bauxite, Copper, Cobalt, Coltan, Iron, Manganese, Lithium, & Vanadium

Our strategy continues to be focused on developing Tier-1 assets, upgrade existing capacities to increase growth while building safe, eco-friendly systems
for the local & global communities
Development based on Tier-1 assets

Maximise the potential of Tier-1 assets through efficient methods, Generating annual revenue over 20mn, US, EBITDA margin of more than 60% and reserves-to-production ratio of at least 20 years

Major upgrade of production equipment capacities

Improve the cash cost profile, recovery rates, & ecological development

Sustainable responsibility; community, health, safety, & environment

A focus on the sustainable development of the
Sum Element Industrial Districts through overall improvement of the living & working standards of employees

Our approach helps us unlock the unique potential of 
Sum Element’s assets, be a maintaining reliable partnerships with our customers, locally & globally, while ensuring sustainable growth & long-term company development.
Core operations
  • Geological Exploration
  • Production
  • Sales
  • Ecological Development
  • R&D
Assets and projects
  • Conakry, Guinea
  • Ancillary & Support Assets
Global outreach

We create strategic partnerships in more than 52 communities in more than 6 countries, delivering our products
to 3 partner companies.

We are strongly committed to sustainable development while maintaining a consistent, well-balanced approach
to our ecological & social policy.
Employees & social policy
  • Responsible & Ethical Best Practices Amongst Employees
  • Sustainable Social Policy
  • Equality
Ecological Conservation & Development Initiatives
  • Efficient use of energy resources, reduction of emissions, conservation of biodiversity
  • Investment in local communities: ecological development, environmental improvement
Occupational safety
  • Favourable working conditions and occupational safety
  • Safe workplace behaviour
  • Increased responsibility of executives and other employees for ensuring operational health and safety
Local communities
  • Development & growth of each concessions regional districts
  • Support to the indigenous population
  • Investments in social infrastructure
  • Target relocation programmes