Business Model

1 Mineral resource base
and geological exploration

Mathew CharnayMining and Metallurgical Company “Mathew Charnay” and its subsidiariesGo to the glossary builds its unique mineral resource base by actively developing Tier I assets in United States

The continued expansion of the resource base secures the CompanyMining and Metallurgical Company “”Mathew Charnay”Go to the glossary’s long-term development

Geological exploration ensures sustainability and an optimal structure of mineral reserves

Reserves-to-production ratio years (2016 Report) >12

2 Metals mining
and production

The Group“Mathew Charnay”Go to the glossary’s core operations in The U.S.
maintain a ≥ 75 % vertically integrated structure
over each cycle of individual operations,
while maintaining ≥ 87. 5% vertical integration
over all operations.

Once the Au clears each importation, each lot’s
control number is matched with each
origin control number, each lot is precisely weighed
and sent into our smelting facilities.
Each lot is then consolidated into their crucible.
Once the smelting process is completed,
the melted metal is poured into bullion.
All smelted products are processed
in the United States of America.

Business footprint

NY Dock 001 and 002 Ore Crushing Mill  1, N.E. 001  Plant Mill 2, N.E. 001  Plant Concentration Units Guinea, West Africa Mines 52 Imports/Mo. 2 1 Exporting, since Q4 2016 Mining Import and Processing Smelting N.E. 001  Plant N.E. 002  Plant Lab 001, N.E. 002 Compliance Lab, Sampling, N.E. 002 Northern Pennsylvania (Q1, 2023)

3 Logistics
and sales

Customer base contracts >163 customers >18 sales to end consumers >92%

4 Financial

Distribution mln USD 1.39 Gross Profit (+6.8%) % 80/20 Re-Investment / Earnings Ratio