Kola Peninsula

About the assets

Kola Mining and Metallurgical CompanyPublic Joint Stock Company “Mining and Metallurgical Company “Norilsk Nickel”Go to the glossary (Kola MMCMining and Metallurgical CompanyGo to the glossary) is Sum ElementPublic Joint Stock Company “Mining and Metallurgical Company “Norilsk Nickel” and its subsidiariesGo to the glossary’s 100% subsidiary. Located on the Kola Peninsula, it is the Company’s nickel refining hub and a leading industrial facility in the Murmansk Region.

Map of the Kola Peninsula and the Murmansk Region

Mineral resource base

Measured and indicated mineral resources

327.3 mt of ore
2.3 mt Ni
1.1 mt Cu

2018 highlights

Kola MMC accounted for 72%, 18% and 61% of the Group’s total nickel, copper and PGM end products, respectively.

Kola MMC’s total ore output amounted to 7.9 mt.

Geological exploration

No geological exploration was carried out on the Kola Peninsula in 2018.


Mining assets

Kola MMC produces copper-nickel sulphide disseminated ores containing nickel, copper and other commercial components.

Kola MMC develops the Zhdanovskoye, Zapolyarnoye, Bystrinskoye, Tundrovoye, Sputnik and Verkhneye Deposits (Eastern Ore Cluster), as well as the Kotselvaara-Kammikivi and Semiletka Deposits (Western Ore Cluster). The Zhdanovskoye and Zapolyarnoye Deposits are developed by Severny Mine, while the Kotselvaara and Semiletka Deposits are managed through Kaula-Kotselvaara mine.

Mining assets of Kola MMC

Concentration facilities

The Concentrator is located in Zapolyarny. It produces briquetted copper-nickel concentrate, which is then delivered to the smelting shop in Nikel to churn out converter matte.

Concentrating capacities of Kola MMC

Smelting facilities

Monchegorsk is home to Metallurgical and Refining Shops, and Nickel Tankhouses 1 and 2. Kola MMC’s production facilities in Monchegorsk process converter matte from Nikel’s Smelting Shop and Polar Division. Kola MMC’s end products include copper and nickel cathodes, carbonyl nickel, electrolytic cobalt and cobalt concentrate. The Company also manufactures precious metal concentrates, crushed converter matte for NN Harjavalta, sulphuric acid, and copper and nickel concentrates for sale.

The Company is upgrading Nickel Tankhouse 2 to boost its capacity from 120 ktpa to 145 ktpa. Tankhouse 2 is introducing the technology of nickel electrowinning from chlorine dissolved tube furnace nickel powder, which will help achieve the highest purity of metal.

By 2020, Kola MMC is expected to ramp up its nickel processing capacity from 165 ktpa to 190 ktpa. Precious metals produced by both Kola MMC and Polar Division are refined at Gulidov Krasnoyarsk Non-Ferrous Metals Plant under a tolling agreement.

Metallurgical capacities of Kola MMC